Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is a NINKER?

What is a NINKER?
A NINKER is - No Income, No Kids, Early Retiree.
This blog is for all those who have deciced that its time to live or for those thinking there is more to life than working.
It is decidicated to everyone who is or wants to live the dream and be free even if just for a while from the normal day to day of working when technically there is no good reason to be, other than to accumulate more, but have less time to enjoy life it self.  When you have realised or are beginning to realise that you are living to work and not the other way around.
NINKERS have done their bit, they have raised the family, looked after everyone else and are now saying "Hey what about me" (could be a song title - lol).
NINKERS know that life is too short, and there are things that they want to do, experience, feel and do it before they are too old.
NINKERS know that there are always great opportunities around the corner and have the confidence to say lets give it a go.
This blog is for everyone wanting to have fun, live, enjoy and maybe just take a risk or a chance for a time - after all you have earnt it!
Day 1 of the Journey
I hope NINKERS becomes a blog site where many NINKERS share their stories, provide encouragement to others who maybe contemplating becoming a NINKER, and to disspell some of the myths about being too young to retire, needing millions of dollars to retire, getting bored etc - all the things I have heard in the last few months.
NINKERS is my way of sharing my journey and hopefully others will tag along and share as well.
NINKERS is my way of sharing things you can do which dont cost a fortune and hopefully others will as well.
NINKERS is for everyone who is sick and tired of always being sick and tired, who want to smile everyday again, who are sick of being the responsible ones and more importantly the ones who always do it right all the time.

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  1. Ah well, I'm a LIHKER. Low Income, Have Kids, Earning Retirement. Longing for the time I can convert to being a NINKER!