Monday, December 9, 2013

Corinto - Nicaragua - Port 9 Day 24

WOW, WOW and WOW what a fabulous day we had in Nicaragua and at the Cortijo El Rosario.  Shocked yes you probably are, however the excursion we choose for this day being the Cortijo El Rosario Estate & Equestrian Show was fabulous.  Most people when they asked us what we were going to do in this port laughed when we said we were going to see the Spanish horse show, thinking it would be lame, but we really had felt by this time we had seen enough quaint village centers and this sounded different and different it was.

I think only 36 people on the cruise enjoyed Nicaragua and they all went to this ranch, which was just so beautiful.  Sure we didn't see the poor side of Nicaragua (which apparently there was plenty of) but what we saw was the best of Nicaragua, an excellent welcome, fantastic horse show, ultra beautiful property, horse and cart rides, wild animals, a fantastic Nicaraguan song and dance show, delicious food, great hospitality and much more.

The Coen family personally welcomed us to the estate with rum punches and we were treated to a fantastic Spanish horse show where you could literally reach out and touch the horses.  The estate is setup now as a foundation for the community but is several thousand hectares of lush, green, pristine landscaped gardens, with beautiful structures, statues, replicas around the property in which you are invited to enjoy at your leisure.  There is plenty to do here and we were certainly here longer than our allotted 4 hours.  The owners, their family and their staff took personal pride in showing you around the property and explaining their journey from exile and back to rebuild this estate and the pride they have in providing both animal protection and community support schemes The Coen Foundation Web Site and their other website is

Everything about this trip and property was fantastic, and words simply cannot provide you with enough information, the day was leisurely, entertaining, fun and more importantly up front and personal as we were only the 2nd tour group they had ever had come and visit (I hope it stays that way as it is a part of the charm of this property).

This is a blog where pictures tell the story. Thank you to all as everyone on the Estate seemed proud of who they were, what they were doing and showing us all a fabulous time and I felt like we were in a proud part of Nicaragua where we saw a traditional side of the culture and the people.

Images of us at Cortjo El Rosario - once again everyone THANK YOU  we had the best time this was a day that I like to call a bonus day, we had no idea what to expect but our expectations were well and truly exceeded.


  1. I aam told this tour is not sold on our cruise - do you know if one can get transportation on shore to go pricately? It sounds lovely.

  2. It was lovely and I am not sure if they have private tours, they are a well known family and organisation in the area so would assume you could check out with other tour organisers