Friday, August 4, 2017

Isuzu - I-Venture Club: Giving you the confidence to Go Your Own Way

Isuzu certainly deliver on their brand promise of "Go Your Own Way" via their I-Venture Club. Yesterday we joined one of their adventures over to Moreton Island to learn how the Isuzu performs and how to use the vehicle properly via theory and practice, which certainly has now given us the confidence to go out on beaches and go our own way.

I think we all know people who buy 4x4's or AWD's and they never go off road even though the vehicle has the capability, it is often our own confidence which stops us from utilising the vehicle to its fullest potential.  I must admit I have always been a little apprehensive in exploring too far from the main roads and while Derek had in his early life done a lot of 4x4 adventures with his Dad and Brothers in the outback and of course I trust him no end, it has been a long time, and of course we don't have a clapped out old manual Land Rover that he was use to but a new Isuzu MU-X auto so there is a bit of learning to do.

Going on a Friday, most of the people where in the 50's/60's and all wanting to be a part of a group, learn in a controlled environment so they could get the best value for money from their new purchase, there was probably $1M worth of vehicles in a convoy yesterday and made for a wonderful experience.

I liked the fact that we all had the same vehicle type - yes there where D-Max's, MU-X, LU-X types with all different sorts of accessories but, essentially everyone was on the same page, there was no "my vehicle is better" type thing.  It also made the theory part of the day easier as everyone is looking at the same dash board, the same controls etc.

So how did the day unfold?  I will say after many years of going on tours etc this one was certainly very well organised and the day ran on time, had a great flow of learning, doing and demo's and it seemed to just fly past.

As usual we where there an hour early and I was surprised that the crew from Isuzu where already there, handing out goodie bags (full of good stuff like hats, stubbie coolers etc), ensuring everyone had deflated their tyres (as well as equipment to do this), and installing 2 way radios into each vehicle so that right on time the convoy could drive on to MICAT.  How many times have we all gotten to an event and the organisers are unorganised, running late and using every excuse in the book for that - but not the Isuzu Crew well done guys, you all did an amazing job throughout the entire day in keeping everyone on time and entertained.

After boarding the ferry, we didn't even need to worry about getting coffees etc as our orders where taken and then delivered directly to us along with a lovely plate of hot croissants as we settled in for the journey over to Moreton. 

Enter David Wilson, our Chief Instructor for the day!  WOW full of energy, full of knowledge and able to deliver this in an entertaining manner, but for me this was an important part of the day - not knowing anything about cars in general and more especially 4WDs he explained all the bits and pieces our Isuzu have and explained in an understandable manner their importance, what to do in on-road and off-road situations, how to set the vehicle  into 4WD, tyre pressures etc.  A small part of his presentation with yours truly assisting Entertaining Presentation . I know I now know far more about our vehicle and more importantly it helped solidify our purchase decision. David also has his own website as well as Adventure 4WD

Before we knew it we where heading off MICAT and on to the beach in an impressive Isuzu Convoy in 4WD mode.  It was an absolutely glorious day as well which made the entire trip just that much better, it is hard to believe that this is winter in Queensland, and of course every time I go over to Moreton I think why do we all go off overseas when this is right on our doorstep. You can read my previous blog on Moreton

We stopped several times throughout the day for demo's, talks, food &drinks - all very delicious and just perfect for the type of day we where doing, like nice cold watermelon on the beach it was superbly catered for and while having lunch we where entertained by whales frolicking just off from the beach - does life really get better than that.

The Isuzu crew really provided a fabulous day for us, entertainment, commentary, food, training, photographer and support vehicles and people and I thank them for their hard work to make this day so enjoyable.  Obviously Isuzu do subsidise the day because it only cost us $300 which included everything from breakfast to cheese platters on the journey home and we know at this time of year MICAT cost $200 per car with 2 people just to get over there and back so it's great to know that Isuzu are investing back into those who support them and ensuring the brand lives up to its name.  I know 2 of our other crew members at Marine Rescue have bought an Isuzu since we purchased ours and through I-Venture Club I am sure others on the trip will be recommending Isuzu to their friends, and of course what a statement it made on the beach 15 Isuzus lined up - no doubt had the Prado and Land Cruiser owners on the beach yesterday rethinking their purchase.  What a great way to promote your product, keep  your customer satisfied and providing a very positive message to the 4WD community.

The day finished with cheese platters a few wines and beers and we even got a Certificate, just lovely touches.

There will be copies of the official photos over time so this blog will be updated with these when they arrive.

Thank You I-Venture Club - a fabulous day and more importantly authentic - not enough can be said about Authenticity in a brand and I am looking forward to doing more with you.

Highlight Photos of the Day