Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015 - Welcome to 2016

How fast do the years fly by, it just feels like yesterday that I was welcoming in the New Year and here it is all over again, right at the moment days, weeks and months seem to come and go in flurry and I seem to always be trying to catch up.

I generally try not to make New Years Resolutions instead try to give the year a theme for us - but I am not really sure what it is this year because I feel there is something awaiting us, so maybe it the year of surprises.  I also just want to be a better person generally.

We didn't know what 2015 had in store for us but we knew we wanted to just settle down for a while, but it ended up being a truly fantastic year with us finding many new friends from both our new community, and more importantly from our volunteering. As I had written previously one of the things we missed about working was camaraderie and we were hoping to find that by moving into our new home (and we did), but it is the camaraderie of our fellow crew mates that has been fantastic - thank you Purple A team it is great to work around a group of older people who have so much life and such a sense of purpose - these guys are true inspirations of get up and go, get up and move, get up and get things done now - not just when they are at VMR but what they do for the rest of the week, like paint the house, make incredible things like little caravans, write books and the list goes on and on, sometimes I get tired just listening to all the things they each achieved throughout the week when we have our catch up on Monday mornings. They are like a breath of fresh air, and unlike some in our community live life to the fullest everyday, don't complain, never stop and give so much to so many.  So in line with my being a better Mother I am generally trying to be a better person because of them, give more and take less, do more for others and expect less back in return, help those who need help and try harder to make those around me happier.  I learnt that this really is the secret to a great retirement and while living in our new community provides many activities I realised that so many of them are just selfish pursuits, like happy hours, going out to lunches and or dinners - primarily so people feel like they are doing something but they are mindless pursuits generally and don't give a purpose of real achievement.  Yes of course many in here do these things as well and of course they are similar to our wonderful Purple A crew members, but unfortunately many really don't have a lot going on in their lives and somehow seem to expect others to entertain them, and I am still out on if this is the way to retire.  

We also learnt to get rid of things that aggravated us and we learnt to walk away without complaint (well sometimes), and I want to extend that more this year.  Its funny the things that can aggravate you - communications is one of them these days - honestly I don't have a need to answer the phone anymore, I will get around to it, I don't need to be online all day every day, I am participating in life, not watching it through others posts etc.  I rid myself of many of my Facebook friends this year, you know the type those that always seem to know what you have done, but can't seem to bring themselves to like anything, but when they post they expect everyone to comment etc, I like to call them stalkers because in some respects they are - also those who only share other peoples stuff - nothing personal about themselves - these things where annoying me because a)  I missed important posts from people who actually have a life because of all the crap they were posting and b) I got sick of being cut short on a story I might have been telling about something we did only to be told "yes I read that on Facebook" but how would I have known when they make no comments or like anything - now my circle is smaller but way more intimate.

I feel renewed in these last few months - learning new things, studying, exams and being active to the extend of exhaustion and I feel there is something new around the corner for us - not sure what that is, but our selfish life of travel and indulgences which is good when you first retire because you need to have a break and just learn to live again is over for the time being, but after 3 years of its all about me,  its nice to be useful, helping others,and with real purpose, not just making someone rich and I feel there is something new and exciting out there just waiting for us - because our eyes are once again open to new and wonderful things and we are invigorated.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and more importantly I hope you all have a fantastic 2016 and that it gives you everything you are wanting in life - enjoy!

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