Saturday, January 16, 2016

Looking at life through rose coloured glasses

Many years ago I got sick of wearing glasses - at about the age of 40 I started to have difficulty reading etc, but after a few years of where are my glasses, I decided to get my eye lasered.  I only needed one eye lasered at the time given my long vision was fine.  It was such a fantastic thing to be able to read things again without wearing glasses.

The only problem was all of a sudden I could see things I hadn't seen for ages - like my eyebrows - of course I could see them when I looked in the mirror, and they always seemed to look quite respectable, until I could really see them after having my eye lasered -and realised they really needed a good old fashion pluck,  there were wrinkles I had never seen before as well which was quite disturbing at the time.

So after 7 years of not needing glasses I have realised that the 4 year laser treatment is finally wearing off - so after all these years I needed to head down to the optometrist once again - unfortunately being a self funded retiree I found it hard to justify spending $3000 again, especially given we fork out for private medical insurance of which we very rarely use and laser is not covered so it is back to wearing glasses for me once again.

No doubt when I look in the mirror again and can see I will be shocked and horrified but that's all a part of getting older I suppose, but I have missed reading over the last few months because it really was just too difficult so I had to bite the bullet.  

I just hope when I look around the house with my glasses on I don't see too much dirt this time - that was another thing I noticed when I got my eye lasered, all of a sudden what I had thought was a nice clean house turned out to be not so clean at all.

I always recommend laser eye surgery to anyone who will listen because to me it was such a great thing, to be able to see and read once again without glasses all in under 24 hours if you can afford it - and I suppose I got nearly double the amount of time out of it so I am happy enough with the value for money.

For me being slightly short sighted is like looking at life through rose coloured glasses - yes you can see your face - but not every little wrinkle or facial hair, yes you clean and think you have done a good job because you cannot see everything quite so well. I might even see flaws in you that I had not noticed lately.  So I guess next week when I get to look at myself with glasses on I might be doing a lot of cleaning and quickly making some appointments at the local beautician - hopefully it won't be too much of a shock and at least this time I am prepared for it.

I didn't choose glasses quite like the ones in the photo here, and of course Derek hasn't worn his lasered eye out so he doesn't need glasses yet (given he doesn't read - so maybe that is the secret to a never ending lasered eye - just don't read) but it is going to be strange to need to wear them again and no doubt to begin with they will feel like those in the picture.


  1. My glasses are on and off about 50 times a day as I only need them for close work and readin. I am "over it". So maybe lasering will make life more simple.
    Glasses, whilst making vision clearer...also hide a few wrinkles etc... ��

    1. It really does make a big difference and can highly recommend.