Thursday, January 31, 2013

Celebs, cruising and cyclones

Its been an exciting 2 weeks in the NINKER house.  After finding those guns on the beach Blog on Gun Find, we were for a few days inundated by media - radio interviews, news interviews , news papers couldn't seem to get enough, then generally people calling to chat about this unusual detecting find from all over Australia and even some relatives OS saw it , which seemed a little strange to us - obviously no news that week. Here is one of the many articles on the find . The GC Bullies Article   It was all very exciting although it would have been better if we had found a gold nugget.  That filled in though a few exhausting days of being celebs.
I was also asked to be a guest blogger on Open Forum Bloggers which added a little more excitement to the week here is the feature for all those who missed it Guest Blog.
After all that excitement we decided now that the fridge in the boat was fixed, it was time to head out and get away from it all, especially given the main school holiday period was finished and the waterways were a little quieter.  We headed out on the Saturday and returned on Thursday as we began to feel the weather changing as Cyclone Oswald started to make it move down the coast of Queensland.  We had a great week out, the weather was peeeeeeeeeeeerfect -water was peeeeeeeeeeeerfect and I was able to sit and watch the tennis while sitting on the back of the boat so with wine in hand, sea at my feet, tennis on the TV and Derek off finding riches ($6) life was pretty good. When the weather is great one of the things I particularly love are the sunsets but of course being able to jump off the back of the boat and swim in cool clean waters is one of the best things about the boating life.
It was just as well we headed back on Thursday because by Friday morning our seaways and coast had begun to change as Cyclone Oswald got closer and while they were no longer calling it a cyclone, it was a close to it as you could get.  Of course our heart goes out to all those people who where so badly affected by this event, it was once again heart breaking to see what the weather was serving up.  For the full weeks photos click here
While we were not overly affected, living on the water always makes you nervous especially high winds, combined with high tides and then 600mls of rain on the mountain above you is a combination for some heart in mouth syndrome.  We were extremely lucky though and other than getting more water frontage than we normally have, somehow the Gold Coast got off lightly once again.
Yesterday Derek was desperate to get to the beaches after such wild weather as his is apparently the best time to find things on the beach.  Our beaches certainly took a battering and that foam and bubbles where still in abundance.  The humidity was 100% over the last few days causing the GC to have a blanket of fog that looked like it was raining and cold, but in fact was soooooo hot.  It was sad to see the beaches in such a state, only a few weeks ago I took some photos of a perfect GC beach and now they look far from that.  The surf was still big and looking quite dangerous.
Here are a few comparisons in a few week
A few weeks ago

Booked a trip to Tasmania yesterday for next week (2 weeks in Tassie and Melbourne) and also finally booked our flights to the UK from May to August - looking forward to that trip just over 2 full months of driving around the UK will be heaps of fun.


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