Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rifling through the sand dunes

Wow what a day today.  As you all know we have taken up doing metal detecting since D1 gave Derek one for Christmas.  While so far we will not be rich with our few small finds of $10 here and $10 there, but today showed us what other things you can find on our beaches.

With the boat is still out of action we did decide for the last few days to take a picnic, go to the beach and at least try our luck.

Yesterday we went to the Tweed and had quite good luck there, but today we decided to stay a little closer to home.  The day was perfect for the beach so we headed to Runaway Bay area - Shearwater Park - its a nice little beach area where Derek could detect until his heart was content and I could help until I got bored and then I could swim, sun bake and read.

Not long into our journey this morning and the detector started going ballistic, and Derek started digging.  Soon it look like he was digging his way to China but the detector kept going off and over quite a large area so carefully he dug around the area.

All of a sudden, there was something in sight and not all too pretty - a blanket with a rifle barrel sticking out, we carefully continued the journey to pull the blanket out of the dunes and found not 1 but 2 rifles.  What to do??? 

Call the police and report it, which is obviously what we did - and soon they were there and unraveling the  rifles from their blanky. They also asked him to use the detector around the area to see if there was antyhing else around.

Exciting stuff - certainly added some adventure to our day, and while this obviously doesn't provide us with any wealth it was exciting and shows just what is buried under the sand you walk on. 

After all our fun, and the police leaving with the finds, next minute the Gold Coast Bulletin arrives so the day was full of adventure. 

Check out all our photos Photos of our rifle find

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Remember riches come not from gold, but from the moments of your life that bring you pleasure

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