Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The week after Christmas - HAPPY 2013!

The week after Christmas always seems to go so fast and you tend to look back and wonder what happened to it.The Week After Christmas Album

I suppose after clean up and catch up from Christmas there goes a few days.  We didn't seem to stop though  and I am sure one of these days we will have a lazy day - so far they have been few and far between even though.

Detective Derek
I have now officially been a NINKER for 3 months now and I really can't believe how fast that time has whizzed past ... weeks disappearing is quite usual now for me.  To be honest I can't really remember what we did on what days, but we went to St Tropez Cafe at Sanctuary Cove for lunch one day (can't remember now which day that was which is always good ), we headed down to Main Beach a few mornings for some detecting with Dereks new toy - and the beaches where beautiful, its so good to just walk along the beach on beautiful days (full of negative ions - did you know that? Negative ions are more prominently found at the beach and waterfall areas and they are fantastic for your skin and well being - must be why we feel so good) did we find anything??????  A good question - yes it definitely works and if you count 100 bottle tops  6 tent pegs and some sinkers - well yes we did - so far not the riches we were hoping for lol, but it is a fun past time and good exercise walking, bending down and sifting through sand (the tops of my legs are getting a very good work out).
How beautiful do the beaches look!

We headed out on the boat for 3 days as well, it was pretty choppy and windy the first day but we stuck it out and found a lovely cove to pull into where there were not hordes of people and we had a nice small part of beach to ourselves.  The waters were warm and I got to have my first jump off the back of the boat for the season - very refreshing.

As always the time flies by on the boat as we read, fish, go out on the tender, do a bit of sun baking etc.  We headed to Paradise Point for New Years Eve for the night which was really enjoyable, lying up on the pointy end as I like to call it, sleeping bags, wine and of course Teddy curled up - lots of activities on the waterways, parties over at Sovereign Island and just as the sun was setting a pod of Dolphins even decided to come past to say Happy New Year - they did a few tricks which we all enjoyed - and it seemed quite special.  We saw 2012 in at Paradise Point last year as well but on land and it was raining and we had promised ourselves that this year we would be on a boat - how fast that year went when we looked back on it and started to think of all the things we had done in 2012 - it will definitely go down as a year of change for us.

The 3 C's of life: choices, chances and changes ~ You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change..Happy 2013

Not sure what the woman behind is harping on about

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