Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! 2014 already

There is nothing like New Years Day to make you reflect on your life is there?  You think about the year that just was and you begin to think about what you want to do and achieve in the next 12 months.

Me I don't make resolutions, over the years I learnt that usually within the first few hours of waking on NYD I have broken most of the things I was resolved to stop, but I do like to contemplate the areas of my life and that of my families which were great in the last 12 months and those that could be shaken up a little in the next 12 months.

This was the first New Years Eve in over 15 years we didn't go out to celebrate, but that got me thinking of all the wonderful NYEs we have had as a family and how I would scan for things to do NYE that were different from past years - a lot of this was to give thanks for the wonderful year we had just had and to be together to bring in the new year.

This year I was just woken up both at 9pm and Midnight by the fireworks from around the area - but was up bright and early ready to think about some of the things I would like to achieve this year and already I feel excited by the prospects of what 2014 might bring.

Yes I have to loose some weight, retirement has seen me put on a few kilos but that isn't the big focus for this year, its a must do but this is the year of the move for us, as we have now decided that living in this house made for 5 plus people and the amount of travel we do is silly, when we could down size the house and up size the money - so with this as our focus we have spent the last few days cleaning out years of boxed up paper work and items that until now we just couldn't have imaged throwing out, but if we are down sizing the house, that does mean we have to down size the amount of things we store.  We started this clean up a few days ago and I will say its lead to remembering some great times, sad times, new beginnings and the end of eras and the beginning of new ones as we went through boxes and boxes of items that have been hidden away in the storage areas.  Several trips to the dump later we feel a little more cleansed so this was a good start to our 2014 campaign.

New Years Day should be one where you remember all the wonderful things your friends, family and work mates have given you throughout the year with their support, love and caring about who you are and give thanks to those around you for making each day a little better.  So thank you everyone, we have enjoyed a lot of fun with you all over the last 12 months - and for those we didn't get to see in 2013 we have been able to keep up with your live through Facebook and emails which is so fantastic.  For those new friends which there are many thank you for entering into our lives.

Last year was a great year for us, we spent heaps of quality time with family both the ones we have close to our hearts always and new family members being met for the first time starting with the Todds visiting from the USA, a great lunch with Pam and Derek, Easter with extended Crossley folk (some we haven't seen for many years)  and meeting our sister-in-law her sons and 2 new special little nieces for the first time, and catching up with Stuart and of course Jim and James as well,  taking Mum away for her 81st birthday to Stanthorpe, D2's 21st birthday weekend and of course the standard everyday birthdays, Christmas etc.  Being retired we are able to do these more often and with a bit more gusto than in the past but all in all its family that means the most to you and its these wonderful moments we treasure.

We also caught up with heaps of friends this year as well which was so much fun, starting with Favvy and Bruce  and Ian and Pam in Melbourne after our Tassie trip, Mandi and Amanda here on the Goldy, Harvey Bay Barb, Erica and many catch ups with Tony and Karen, as well as some parties with friends and rellies so many great lunches, dinners and probably 1 or 2 too many drinks, but worth the headaches.

We discovered the driving holiday in 2013 starting with driving around Tasmania, a trip up to North Queensland, Northern NSW spending some lovely time in Coffs Harbour, Balina, Byron Bay, heading out to Western NSW and Queensland on 3 trips including Stanthorpe, Glenn Innis, Iverell, Tamworth and Warick where we did a little prospecting,  so these trips took up a good 8 weeks of our year.  While we sold the boat prior to going away in November, we really took full advantage of it over the year heading out many times and doing several 4-7 day trips exploring the great waterways around the Gold Coast and enjoying sun, fishing, swimming and relaxing (not that we need all that much of that any more).

Derek took up metal detecting after being given a detector for Christamas from D1 and this saw us travelling around finding new places for him to use it, and while not rich, he has over the 12 months collected quite a few hundred dollars in 1 and 2 dollar coins, but it provided him with a fantastic interest and got us out of the house for many wonderful days at the beach.  

Finishing off the year with 5 weeks in North, South and Central America rounded off our hectic fun year, which seemed to fly by too quickly as you recap on the year that was, and begin thinking about the year to come.

So Happy 2014 everyone, may it bring happiness and fun to you all.

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