Monday, December 9, 2013

Puerto Caldera - Costa Rica - Port 8 Day 23

This ended up being a funny port for us as 2 of the excursions we had booked were cancelled, so we ended up doing Tropical Forest Aerial Tram.  I hadn't really wanted to do this given we have done so many of these over the years in so many places, but I was glad that we ended up here as the day was a great one and our guide Eddie was extremely good.

The drive to the Rain Forest took us through some beautiful country side and Costa Rica was a breath of fresh air after Peru and Ecuador, it was quite upmarket in the main and the roads and countryside extremely clean.  We were all excited when we went over a bridge and looked down to see all the crocodiles lazing in the sun on the banks of the river.  Many people did the tour that included  mangrove cruise where you got a bit more up close and personal with these guys (I had thought like other trips we have done in the past that you would be lucky to see one in the wild, but not here in Costa Rica they are there so this extra option is worthy of consideration) see the photo above, they are everywhere and this photo was taken from a bus window as we drove across the bridge.

The Aerial Tram ride was lovely and the gondola has its own tour guide to explain the various parts of the canopy you are going through and to point out wild life such as monkeys (which we didn't see) etc.  It was a nice ride and the views were spectacular but I suppose given we didn't see any real wildlife it was no different to many we have been on in the world. Hi Bill and Paula (yes thats you in your gondola passing us).

After the tram ride which lasts about an hour, we went on a walking tour, where we did see much more wild life and once again Eddie was providing us with heaps of fantastic information.  The one thing we saw which was the first time I had ever seen this were ants march with leaves in very uniform lines that went for miles, it was quite incredible Check out the video of the ANTS.

A nice lunch was served here as well, but other than that we didn't really see or learn as much about Costa Rica as we would have liked, it was a nice day, but nothing we haven't really seen or done before.  Of course the country side looks incredibly like Queensland and is lush and tropical so we did enjoy the drive and sights from the bus window and our joke was "what is the difference between Cairns and Costa Rica?"  The roads are better in Costa Rica!

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