Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Puerto Vallarta - Mexico - Final Port Port 12 Day 29

So after years of being raised on the Love Boat, this was the only port we had ever heard of prior to our cruise and just about everyone on the ship quoted Captain Stubbing upon arrival by saying Welcome to Puerto Vallarta.

Its a thriving port and I got greeted by one of the locals as you can see.

So why have I changed the format of this blog to all the others, well Puerto Vallarta doesn't need as much introduction as the others and the cooking school photos are so good I wanted to put them all up.

Keep reading below though to see what we did and how much fun we had in Puerto Vallarta.

This is another very well oiled tourist area and is extremely upmarket everywhere you look.  Once again we wanted to do something different at this port and elected to do the Taste of Mexico tour where we did a Mexican cooking school, best learn how to make the foods we had been eating for the last month.  After some sight seeing (boring) although at the end of this blog there is the mandatory scenery shots and shopping (more boring), we finally made it to our destination for a fun few hours of cooking, eating and of course drinking Margaritas from what could only be described as fish bowls, so prior to our trip I said you could find me down Mexico way hopefully with a Tequila in one hand and burrito in the other  and the photo above is testament to believing is doing and this is how we did end up finishing our holiday, which was fun, entertaining, relaxing and a feeling just a little timpsy.


 It was a great day and we had great company as well on this day, we even got presented with a Certificate as a MASTER OF MEXICAN COOKERY - how funny!  The Restuarant where this was held is call the El Andariego Restaurante - Bar and everything here was lovely.   

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