Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cruising South America - 31 Day Inca Empires Cruise

So after a lot of blogging about the various ports we visited and sharing our experiences, photos and videos we finish our cruise holiday blog.

We traveled on Holland America and I would have to say I would be hard pressed to go on their line again, the service, food etc wasn't all that good compared to Princess and while there were no kids (I was the kid at one of the youngest on the cruise) the average age was 74 and most have never traveled with any other line, although for those who had, we all felt the same.

We did however have a fantastic time, met some terrific people and had a ball but after 15 ports, 31 days, 7 formal nights and a few rough sea days we were buggered and it was great to finally get home.

The flight from Brisbane to LA was quick and good, but the flight home well - our half day San Diego tour was cancelled a day before and given we were doing this because it dropped us at the airport and our flight had to be after 3pm, we spent a long day at San Diego airport - down with a cold we had gotten on the last day of the cruise.  After a quick 20 min flight to LA we hung around LA airport until 11:30pm before getting back to Brissy some 14 hours after.  Like most travel getting there is the fun bit, but travelling home is more laborious and usually longer as well for some reason.

We didn't forget Lil' Ted though while we were away and we did finally find him a Mexican Sombrero, how cute does he look.

I suppose one of the great things about being retired, is that at least we didn't have to go back to work, as it has taken us nearly 5 days to get everything put away, photos uploaded, blogging done, washing done and generally just catching up.  I am still glad we decided to retire early and enjoy these types of adventures while we are young enough and to be able to experience all the things we want to.  So many on the cruise had wheel chairs, walkers and walking sticks and while they got around obviously there are so many things they just can't experience and even when they are on tours they can do its hard work for them and everyone else around them.

This type of trip isn't for the faint hearted though, most of the ports where hot, dirty and the walking and touring quite arduous, but we loved it and it will be something we remember forever, but we have now been there and done that and one of the reasons we choose this cruise was it took in everything and we no longer need to go back so we have ticked a major area off our things to do in retirement list.

If you haven't read my blogs about the various ports, the links are below just click on them (at the point of writing this, I haven't gotten around to editing so excuse any mistakes - that usually takes me a while).  Share with friends you met on the trip and keep in touch.

Derek & Julie-Ann

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