Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 4 @ a glance

So what have we been up to this week.
Well as per one of my previous blogs started the week doing a small road trip to the Northern NSW beaches where everything was perfect.
Got home on Tuesday and really spent Wednesday and Thursday vegging out, a few naps, watching a few movies the weather was pretty average very windy - oooh and of course co-ordinating the next holiday.  Being the CEO of fun is hard work - tranching through holiday offers, looking for the best place to go and deals ..... not for the faint hearted (lol).
Good news was I found I had 100,000 odd QANTAS points I had forgotten about and this coupled with Dereks 60,000 (which we used some for our flights back from Cairns next week) and my Virgin points we have a few freebies on the way to use.
The great thing about NINKERing and being retired  is you can take up offers last minute and save - problem is there are so many great offers and so many wonderful destinations that its sort of like a labyrinth once you start and before you know it it has taken most of the day to do.  Just when you think you have found the best deal, in comes another email with yet another exciting offer.  Will be booking something today though - probably a cruise to ASIA as I would like to go to a few places in the area and after seeing my friends (  Darkskys photos) photos of  Cambodia etc I have a small hankering to go to this area and Princess today are having a big sale on ..... and herein lies a problem, rang them yesterday and the best deal was $2100 per person, today sale $1500 per person so will book this today. See how good I am at being the CFO as well I am saving so much money its nearly like earning money hahaha.
So today is getting ready for our motorhome relocation trip starting tomorrow to Cairns so will be packing etc for that today - wont blog during the week.
So the trip is relocating a motorhome from Brisbane to Cairns in 6 days- cost $1/day plus they give you $250 in petrol to get there the rest is up to you - while going on paid for holidays is ok we need to find things that continually keep us busy that don't cost the earth, so we have decided to give this a go and see what its like.  Watch out for my update next week.  So with our free flights back from Cairns next week so far the cost has been $25 booking fee - of course we will need to pay for van sites each night, but they seem to range from $30-$40 a night so it seems like it should be GV (Good Value). 

Also have been using Shopper Dockets from Coles to get 2 days free parking at Gateway Airport Parking - 6 days undercover $67!  GV!
So have a great weekend everyone!

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