Monday, October 8, 2012

Last day at work

Friday 28th September 2012 - last day in the office already over a week ago (where did that time go?).
Yes it is a strange and funny feeling - telling people you are retiring, working your notice and then thinking hey tomorrow I have nothing to go to, but already in just over a week I have felt alive, relaxed, and just a bit lazy I will admit, but that is so good.
The last day didn't last long but it was an emotion filled morning - so excited to be embarking on a new life journey.  Saying goodbye to people and company that had over the years become an extended family - completed the few small things I had left in the inbox and by 9.30 was gone.  Driving home I felt a true sense of calm (wasn't sure if that's how it would be, but it was).

Today I officially became a NINKER - No Income, No Kids, Early Retirer

 First job - change the wardrobe, get rid of the suites, court shoes they don't live here anymore -   shorts, t shirts, thongs are now the required dress standard - we like to call it our Toddler Wear.  Cathartic to say the least.
Did the shopping so we could get out on the boat on Saturday and off we went.

How do I feel - this probably sums it up:

All we know about the future is it will be different, but perhaps what we fear most is it will be the same, but we must celebrate the changes, everything will be alright in the end - trust me!  So it begins.

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