Sunday, October 21, 2012

Book Review 1 - The House of Memories

The House of Memores - Monica McInerney

Wow what do I say about this book, other than it was just a great read, easy to read and kept you wanting to read.  What a lovely, sad, tear jurking story it was.
A part of my retirement journey is to do things I never got the chance to do and that is do some heart felt type reading not just business reading and this was the first book - I picked it up by chance at the airport when going to Vanautu, and I am so glad I did.  Yes it left me in tears but I just couldnt put it down (ask Derek in my face from the moment I picked it up).
A girls own type book I suppose full of emotions I suppose over our lives we have all felt (although the loss of a child is not one I have had nor wish to have - but it was told in such a wonderful way) that love gets us through.
If you are looking for just a lovely lovely read one that has it all then I do recommend this book, I loved it and will look for more of her books.
High recommendation
Smiles:  5 smiles or in this case 5 tears

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