Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 2 - Vanuatu

Overview: 5 smiles

Cost: 5 smiles (a great destination without breaking the bank)

  •  $2000 - flights and 5 nights accommodation with Breakfast - The Grand
  •  $480 - $36,000 Vatu's - converted at the airport (this lasted us the full 5 days)
  • $920 - drinks, food, tours
Easy booking via:

Length of Time:

Wednesday 10th October to Monday 15th October

This is probably a good length of stay, you can do lots in this time as well as relax


Hot but not too hot, in fact it was perfect around the 28 degrees  

Funometer: 5 smiles
Valueometer:  5 smiles
Accommodation:  The Grand - 5 smiles

What a great overseas destination - quick and easy to book via Virgin and quick and easy flight less than 3 hours, but you get all the fun of the overseas holiday.

Yes it is a little different when you arrive - the place is definately not polished up but that is a part of the  attraction, the glitz and glammor has yet to arrive in Vanautu.

You definately feel very safe and there is heaps to do and generally most things are free or reasonably priced - it does take a little getting use to paying thousands of Vatu's for things but then when its all converted its quite reasonable ie:  Helicopter ride $20,000 Vatus each - but thats about $20 each for a great half hour flight.

Snorkelling is fantastic - the waters are so clear and the colors of the fish and coral is brilliant.

There is heaps to do, or you can just relax and soak up the sun and veg out.  Check out my pics by clicking below.

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