Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Money Saving Tip - No 1

Did you know, becaue I didnt until last week that you can now convert your Fly Buy points into real dollars and then use your Fly Buy card as a debit card.  Converted 60,000 points accumlated over years of family shopping into $300 and didnt pay a cent for goceries last week, also bought a printer and a few t's at Target all on my new found FREE money. 
Will definately convert some more - probably around Christmas.
Over the years I have gotten giftcards etc  as points were expiring but to be honest sort of always felt they were not much really but converting them into hard cold cash is Good Value (GV) and  great NINKER value - think about that in advance of retiring!
Value:  5 Smiles!

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