Monday, January 12, 2015

This is Australia - As a Grey Nomand: Part 10 Coral Bay Western Australia

Panorama of Coral Bay
On the Aqua Rush Tour - hang on to your hats 
So far we have had such a great time not knowing what was in store for us, no plans, no bookings just rocking up somewhere and going "hey this is a place for us", and to date no issues until Coral Bay in the July School Holidays.  Lets just say not a great idea - it is such a small place and there isn't a large amount of accommodation, but with the beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, warm weather in July it was packed - not a camp site to be found anywhere - so it was Doing a Donga for us.  Don't know what a Donga is?  Not much a room, no loo, shower, but a bed and a kitchenette (but $265 a night given there is nowhere else available).

The fish are big in Coral Bay

Sometimes you have to suck it in because this is one special place and if paying top dollar for very average accommodation is what you have to put up with, well so be it.  We took one look at Coral Bay and this place is just too beautiful to miss over penny pinching.  In our past lives we have spent $1000's of dollars on accommodation on the beach front, so whats different now - to be honest we were not really there all that much during the day, and even at night we were out and about most of the time.

We did do a day trip to Exmouth which we didn't like all that much, and could definitely see why everyone chooses Coral Bay - there is soooo much to do here, or do little but lie on the beach, swim and snorkel (which we had a few days of), great walks both beach and off beach, great community spirit and fishing tours, snorkeling tours, flights, coral viewing - you name it it has it.

Once again, I said goodbye to Derek as he felt he had hit pay dirt on the beach here with his metal detecting - I didn't mind, the beach was glorious and for those that know me sunbaking for hours is in my blood so with a good book, good beach I was like the proverbial pig in you know what.

He showed some kids how to use their dectors there as well, and they all went off every morning at 5:30am to hit the beaches - this is a part he loves showing others how to use them and get the most out of them.  

We did the Aqua Rush tour which was heaps of fun in a fast boat, and going out miles for a good snorkel, but I found it a bit cold even with a wet suit on, but a brilliant day. It was small group but we did all see a good array of sealife in the variouis spots we stopped at.  Thank You Aqua Rush, top day and would highly recommend if in Coral Bay (a bit faster than the glass bottom boat tours).

This place is about as close as you can get to being in heaven on earth - if you want an absolutely magnificent, quiet place to go to this is it (no need to go overseas)
Sunset at Coral Bay (God is this way I think it is saying)

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