Monday, January 26, 2015

The Silly Season is Over

For the last few years we have missed the majority of the pre-silly-season by being away somewhere incredible, but this year we eagerly awaited the 15th December - in a caravan park for the move into our new home.

We awoke very early that morning and were extremely keen to finally have a home again, it was a great day with the Vision team providing us with a lovely breakfast followed by a bike ride and then lots and lots of lovely gifts.  We had arrived, and we were now keen to unpack as quickly as possible, so we could prepare for Christmas.  It was a hectic week though with Vision taking us out to dinner, a street Christmas party and generally an air of excitement from everyone.

After not having a home for so long, it was just so fantastic to have the new home completed and to be moving in before Christmas.  It was such a great way to end the year and make the new house into our new home - having everyone here, cooking up meals, preparing Julies Yummy Corner, getting the Christmas decorations out and up again (finding them new homes for the years celebrations), makes that new house into the new home even if it was all a little hectic. 

I love my Christmas, and I love having everyone over for 48 hours or so and each year I am so thankful that we are once again lucky enough to have everyone here - even if after they go I give a sigh of relief - to me this s what life is about, being with the ones you love and the ones that make a difference in your life. 

So far we are loving it, and when the estate (or community as it's called) is finished, we will really be in a fantastic environment to enjoy all the great things of living on the Gold Coast Broadwater, with our own marina, boats, pavilions, pools etc - these are not yet constructed and that's what comes from being a trail blazer and buying off the plan and being the first in - but we have not been forgotten and for 12 months we have been given membership to Sanctuary Cove Country Club so we can use similar type facilities.

We have been here 6 weeks now and the time has gone so fast, with unpacking, continuing to buy new furniture, repack things again and again just to ensure its all in the right spot for the long term, parties, boating, catching up with friends, off to the tennis, Australia Day,  I feel exhausted but the silly season is now officially over and everyone has gone back to school, so we can go back to going places and doing things we avoid during the peak holiday season, so I hope we are now able to get into some sort of routine again, because this has been hard over the last 6 weeks with the heat, the wet, the move, the events, the unpacking etc  so today we get back on track - the new house is now a home, things are where they should be, and I am getting back into a routine of paying bills, checking the mail - all the things we didn't need to do for 6 months - so they came hard in the first few weeks.

Teddy is really enjoying it as well, he has a few girl friends in the estate, and he loves to go for a walk and say hello to everyone morning and night - for a dog that you couldn't get to go walkies, now that's all he wants to do, so he is becoming more social as well and that is important for us.

What will 2015 bring, we have no plans so far - unusual for us however right now I have another 11 months to work it out and today we begin that journey.


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