Sunday, December 16, 2012

Port Douglas to Sydney

So we said goodbye to Darwin and started another long leg at sea - 3 days and headed to Port Douglas.  Not much to say on this given we have been there many times but it was again good to get off the boat, stretch the legs.  Port Douglas was pretty rough as we had to get tendered to shore - a lot of grey faces on these tenders.  Isn't it funny that people on a cruise look at a tender and go "I don't like boats, it looks rough" funny I would have thought travelling on the sea was something you would have gotten use to.  As I said to Derek, I bet if the boat were sinking they would have pushed there way to get on first. 

Tendering back to the boat - rough as

The stop at PD was pretty uneventful, but gave us a warning of what was to be our Queensland leg of the journey for the next 2 days - wet, rough seas, windy (all coming from the cyclone off Fiji/Samoa).  Plenty of sick people as decks were closed. Welcome to Sunny Queensland - not this time.  It was such a shame as I would have suspected the trip down the coast through the Whitsundays would have been spectacular if the weather was good and seas calm, but not to be this time.

 Thursday as we headed into Sydney Harbor - it was a beautiful fine and sunny day, with slight seas - Sydney put on her best for us and it was absolutely perfect, with dolphins following us in all the way.  While we have been through Sydney Heads a million time (maybe a slight exaggeration) this was so perfect being up so high, on the decks, everyone out, deck parties, Peter Allen video playing I still call Australia Home and all good Aussie songs being streamed out it did bring a tear to the eye, unfortunately we were unable to partake in the drinking fest given we were getting off to do the Harbour Bridge Climb and breath testing for zero alcohol was needed.

Climbed the bridge - and have to say this is a fabulous exciting thing to do - and would highly recommend it, while it seems a little scary to begin with, it wasn't as hard as I had expected and the views are to die for.  Well done Bridge Climb, great commentary, great climb, great process, great experience one I know we will remember forever.  

Sydney Shots

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