Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Slice of Singapore

How different can two countries be that are so close - Vietnam with its bright colors, crazy bikers, and what seems like a natural culture and Singapore so modern, clean, organised.

Started the day with a breakfast at the zoo - we thought this meant seeing the animals getting fed breaky so we had already had our breakfast on the boat - but that was fine because it gave us more time to look around this incredible zoo where a lot of animals are just walking the streets or jumping over you, and really nothing enclosed as such.  

It was hot hot hot though and the sweat was poring off us, so when that trip finished (3 hours or so), we jumped into a cab to do the next most natural thing one needs to do when in Singapore - yes you guessed it go to Raffles and have a Singapore Sling (only one each though at $35 each it was pretty expensive), but hey you only live once and it was worth it - very thirst quenching, yummy and served with a smile.

Yep we will go back to Singapore in the next 12 months and experience a bit more of its shopping, beaches, and the new Bay area. 

 Here is the full Slice of Singapore Album

Check out the video of the baby Orangutan

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