Sunday, December 16, 2012

Darwin Day

So after 4 long days at Sea we finally got into Darwin - uuuum not the most exotic port after so long but where keen to get onto terrafirma - so push and shoved our way out onto shore at 7.30am.

On the map the city looked a fair distance so though we would take the shuttle bus organised at port.  What a bloody rip off $28 for 2 people - and to be honest it took us about 500 meters (not good enough Darwin).

So we walked around the city of course all shops where closed -for a city like this you would have thought a boat in port with 3000 people on board the shops would have opened to capture some extra bucks but no oooh thats right we are back in Australia where retail complains about the lack of sales but don't take the opportunities to make money when it's available.

So a walk around the city, back down to the bay area and its am   Ooooh dear what to do, its so hot that sweat is dripping off us but really didn't want to go back on the boat yet - too soon and given we have the next 3 days at sea we definitely needed something else to do.  

Helicopter ride here we come - one of the best ways to see any place - no walking, no sweating but getting a good look at everything.  

Got picked up at 10am and went to Charles Darwin national park, where the Helicopter was parked (somewhere around here according to the pilot), he found the keys where are conveniently hidden under a rock, and off we went. If you are ever in Darwin highly recommend Coolibah Air

WOW fantastic trip - great commentary, great scenery, great fun. So we got the exhilaration we were looking for, got to see probably more than most and had a great time as well.  Got back on the boat for about 1ish where we took a well earnt dip in the pool.  

Darwin at this time of year is hot there is no denying that, and as usual this is cooled down by late after noon storms - and just as we were about to leave port in it came.

Check out Darwin by Air Album

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