Thursday, November 15, 2012

The endless Saturday week - Sun, Sand and Surf

As I write these blogs I often think to myself - WOW how fast has that week gone - and this week was no exception.  It seems like the week was just one endless Saturday - and I suppose that's what NINKERing is about - just one endless Saturday.  You know the feeling .....  wake up Saturday morning - perhaps after a little sleep in, take your time, no rushing, no traffic, nothing urgent needing to be done - just a day in front of you to do whatever you want.  Its hard to believe we have been NINKERing for 7 weeks now.

Summary of the week:

Relaxometer:  5 smiles - yes we are getting pretty slow now
Cost:  well just our standard grocery costs and a bit of petrol (nothing much) - 5 smiles

Sure you have to have some plans - otherwise NINKERing would get a little boring but the week of an endless Saturday is fantastic.

After a terrible weather weekend last weekend, we awoke to a beautiful Monday and got out on the boat.  Over the last few years this so annoyed me, wet weekend, and then beautiful on Monday to go back to work - now its a bonus. Originally this is what we were going to do on a regular basis, but so many other things to be done,new things to explore and places to go.  I hate to say it I am a fair weather sailor so a boatie week it was.

What do we do out on the boat - to be honest not much but it is incredible how fast the days seem to pass, but with a bit of fishing here and there, a bit of exploring in the tender, chugging to a new spot each day, finding nice beaches to go for a walk on, reading, photography and of course taking Teddy out the days seem to fly past so quickly and before you know it, you are watching another beautiful sunset or sunrise.  The water isn't quite warm enough yet for me to swim, you know that just dive in temp, but its still nice to have a paddle. It seems though that during the week there are heaps of NINKERs out there doing just the same as us - loved this boats sail - probably sums up heaps of boaties out there during the week!  Its probably a good idea to have this sort of interest if you are contemplating being a NINKER , something you can do whenever, without much planning and that has no real cost to it, but something you love to do.

We had to admit after being the camper van the boat seemed so large, spacious and luxurious we kept saying it was like a penthouse lol, we slept like babies, because there is nothing like sun, sand and surf to tire you out.  Teddy has now worked out how to get into the cabin and seems to think the pack should all sleep together - funny little thing he is check out his day on the beach below.  When D1 gave us Teddy I did think, why would we want a dog now we have retired, but this is another thing I think has been good for us - a new interest, taking him for walks (so you have to exercise), and besides that he seems to make us laugh.  

Did some experimentation with a new camera though and took a few arty farty sunset shots - I picked up a camera a few years ago and I have to admit, I love the experience and while I am a pointer and clicker, photography really does open your eyes to your surroundings, you see things in a totally different light and it does make you take notice ..... and yes I probably take too many.

Standard Sunset Shot

Using features
Heaps of visitors this weekend so have to go and do some shopping - this is another thing I really enjoying - being able to do small loads of shopping during the day and buying what you feel like today and not needing to go and shop for the week on the weekend.  I have also really enjoyed cooking again when we are home - over the years you cook to feed in between all the other things that need to be done - but it is the simple pleasure of planning and taking your time to create something nice which  I am enjoying again - I have always loved cooking but like most things it got lost in fast lane of life and became a chore instead of a joy.

A good friend gave me a weekly subscription to BRW when I retired and finally caught up on reading these which was good to get the mind into the real world for a few hours - thank you Mandi, this is such a great pressy every week I get a little present from Mandi and every week it makes me think of her and smile - so if you are ever looking for a great gift for someone a yearly subscription to something like this is great!

Read a great saying this week and will leave you with this thought for the week!

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, helps you to grow or makes you happy.

Have a great week everyone, we will be starting to pack and get ready for our cruise next week so starting to get excited!

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