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Brisbane to Cairns - Britz Motor Home Relocation

Relocating a Motor Home - Brisbane to Cairns - 6 Days 27th Oct-1 Nov - Chasing the Sun

Overview:  4  smiles - probably not long enough

Cost: 5 smiles - this is a great way of holidaying without breaking the bank and a great way to see our county (and other countries as well)

  •  $25 booking fee
  • $1/night for the first 4 days (thats the relocation fee)
  • $75/night for 2 extra days (you can elect to take extra days at the time of booking for a reduced amount)
  • $170 insurances
  • $90 for petrol (we spent $340 but were reimbursed $250 as a part of the relocation - remember to keep your receipts)
  • $32-$37/night for powered van site ( so $175 )
  • $40 along the way for coffees, drinks etc (dont forget you have your own fridge etc but sometimes its nice to stop in a cofee shop)
  • $140 in groceries (steak, sausages, salad, fruit, cheese, biscuits, chocy etc)
  • $70 in drinks (wine, alcopops, water, softdrinks)
  • $10 for a cab ride to Cairns airport from the delivery point
  • $67 for car parking for the week at Gateway Airport Parking ( I have been using Gateway Airport Parking because they have 2 days free on the back of your Coles shopper docket - great service these guys give btw)
  • $0 for flights Cairns to Brisbane - we used 30,000 QANTAS points  (normally about $150 per person)
$941 in total (including food, drinks, petrol, accommodation)
This is an excellent holiday or anyone on a budget but looking for some good exploring adventures.  Not just NINKERS anyone looking to really get away and have no real bounderies on where and when then go. So dont forget to share with your friends.
Also if you didnt like the thought of staying in a Van, all of these parks had lovely Cabins for about $80-$120/night all airconed so if you are more a car person either hiring or driving your own this would still be a great value holiday.
Length of Time:

Saturday 27th October to Thursday 1st November

Probably could have done with at least 1 extra day - 2 would have been perfect especially if you dont like driving all day.  We had anticipated to stay the last night in Port Douglas but after the first 2 days driving all day we decided we could live without staying in Cairns given it was only a couple of years ago that we had a holiday there.


The temprature was good arond the 30 degrees but without alot of humidity, so this is a good time to travel this road.  We did hit some rain but this is the good thing about this type of holiday you can chase the sun which we did.

Funometer:  4  smiles
Valueometer: 5 smiles
Accommodation:  Primarily using Big 4 - 4 Smiles

We had a 2 man van which was OK for this length of trip, but I was starting to get a little over it by the end a bigger van would be recommened for longer periods.

Booking etc: 4 Smiles

There are heaps of sites including the Motor Home site themselves that advertise relocations and other sites we used Standby Relocations

The van was a Britz which we picked up from Brisbane.  I will say that the check in and check out could have been a bit friendlier - they were very robotic and really they are like motel receptions in a way dealing with people going on holidays.  Also I would recommend they put a guide to your van in as I am sure this could be quite danting on how to use the loo and empty it, getting the gas connected etc but its all like a boat so we were ok.

Day 1 - Brisbane to Yeppoon

I did blog that day - nothing like 7 hours of driving to get your technology worked out Day 1 Brisbane to Yeppoon

The one thing I really noticed on this first day was the amount of creeks that had water in them, over the years I have driven this road many many times and dont ever recall the creeks with water in them, so I started a little game of taking photos of them as we drove over them.  Remember most of these were taken at 100 kms an hour.  Doing omething like this also is a bit of fun, it kept us on our toes and made the long driving times go faster.  What are the names, I dont know take your pick there must of been at least 5 of each of these along the way from Bris to Cairns:Creeks of Queensland - Brisbane to Cairns

  • 2 mile creek
  • 4 mile creek
  • 6 mile creek
  • 12 mile creek
  • Aligator creek (why not crocodile creek is something we would like to know)
Day 2 - Yeppoon to Mackay

Another long days driving some 400 kms today.  We decided today to get in a bit earlier so we had some time to relax and unwind a bit - which was better.  From here in we always tried to get to somewhere by 1-2pm.

We headed to Blacks Beach and this was the only park that wasnt a Big4 that we stayed at - but they didnt seem to have anything on the beach so we choose Seawinds Caravan & Holiday Park which was lovely.

Here are our shots from Seawinds Pics from Blacks Beach or view a short video below

It was also in this part of the trip I decided to try doing some small videos

Day 3 - Mackay to Bowen

Yes onwards to the home of Mangoes (we stopped at the Big Mango but no fresh Mangoes go figure).  The day was a much slower paced day now having gotten the big miles over so we were able to take our time, stop in a few more places along the way for a looksee.

This was a great part of the trip - Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour some of my favorite places, beautiful views, and now you are in the Whitsundays.  We stopped in Airlie but it was raining and remember we are chasing the sun, so had a cuppa, did a walk through town and then to Shute Harbour for lunch at the viewing spot in the Van - thats whats so good you dont need tables or picnic areas.

We stayed at BIG4 Bowen Coral Coast Beachfront Holiday Park, these parks seem to be getting better - this one right on the beach.  We did however make our first Van Park naughty given we had a site right on the beach and these vans open from the back, we reversed in - within a few minutes we were told to move the van around so that our driving compartment got the best view - what a waste and what a shame - it really didnt make sense to me but they did have lots of beach front seats and tables.  The beach was great though and again went for a big long walk (Ladies North Qld Beaches are great for getting your feet buffed for free), these walks are great after a car trip, and the weather was lovely, the beach pretty good quality. 

One of the things I noticed on this walk and started taking photos of was the crab holes everywhere so have a look at my photos here and let me know what you think Sand Art by CRABS

Also there where heaps of seagulls and I got some really great shots The Seagull Collection

So here are the pics we took of the day Mackay to Bowen

So where to next we thought??? Can it get better than this and thanks to a guy we spoke to here he recommened Rollingstone 40 kms north of Townsville (total beach front he said, even better than this he said)  THANK YOU KIND STRANGER for that tip.

Day 4 - Bowen to Rollingstone

So we spent the first few hours of the day at the local Bowen Auto Electricans - after the aircon died the day before we had rung the service department and off we went.  We got there at 9am as requested by the assist team.  So funny the guy says to us well I cant fit you in until Friday (remember its Wednesday now) is there somewhere we can drive you to?  Derek "Yes mate to Cairns with 2 overnighters please" - yep that got it fixed in 2 hours didnt it.

So a nice slow drive stopping in Home Hill, going through Ayr and past Townsville (wow hasnt this place changed - even though I lived there for a few years, didnt have a clue where we were). 

On to Rollingstone - 40 K's past townsville, and 4 k's past the Rollingstone turnoff (so we found out).

Well this place is about as close to heavenly that there is and all for $37 a night - I assume during school holidays it would be packed, but for us only a few vans in and take your pick.  I am not going to say too much more as I will let the video and pics tell this story.

Pics of Rollingstone

While we were walking along the beach I noticed these shells moving - here you go you watch the attack of the shells .

Well like everything all good things must come to an end.

Day 5 - Rollingstone to Mission Beach - the land of the Cassowary

So getting to Mission Beach requires going through Cardwell (another of my favorite towns on this road) unfortunately it was still suffering from Yasi, but it is still a beautiful place.  We stopped herehad a coffee and the main coffee shop come pub come restuarant had some beautiful food.
After a good stop here and a drive through Port Hinchinbrook we next stopped at Tully - I didnt know it was the wettest town in Australia and had a giant gumboot to mark this notority but it does and now so do you if you didnt before.
Mission Beach is so beautiful as well and again we were lucky enough to get a beach front and were able to go for a great walk and a swim (our first for this trip).  We did a beach and pool swim again most these places had incredible pools and this one had a water slide which ourselves and some other NINKERS decided was too good just for kids.

For all the great shots of this part of the journey click here Rollingstone to Mission Beach
And for a few more Windscreen Cams click below

But like all good things they eventually have to come to an end
Day 6 - Mission Beach to Cairns
So into Cairns we headed - must say its hard parking one of these things in standard city streets, got the van washed and then headed to the Esplande for a walk, lunch and to get changed back into real clothes ready to take the Van back and head to Cairns airport for our trip home.
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