Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Lunchy Week

While we didn't have anything really planned for this week other than some catch up items, the week seemed to bolt past so quickly and its hard to think we have been home for a week now.

Knowing that the Gold Coast City Marina Boat Show was on GCCM we knew this would be on our agenda over the weekend as its a free event and every bit as good as the Sanctuary Cove one in May - the weather was fantastic and it's great to be able to walk around the marina looking and drooling over some of the best boats out there . It is a great day.  Lots of great stands, lots of great specials for all the boaties out there, but generally even if you are not into boating, boat shows are just a great day for being out and about in the fabulous sunshine.

One of the stands we just couldn't help but stop at was the Stephan Boating World stand - I have to say these are some sexy little razor cats and boats so click here for a sneak preview of whats new Stefan Boating World and pink - no not really but have to say these were my favorites.  We loved these when we were in Vanautu so thought we might price them out.

These shots were actually taken in their showroom on Wednesday when we went to get a quote on a few of their fantastic Rib Series. There's a lot of PINK isn't there!

Monday decided to do a lunch with my Mum  - this was lovely and it was nice to do something with her during the week - in the past it's been a weekend thing a when your weekends were already too short, it was one of those things we tended to do begrudgingly - but Monday we had a lovely afternoon, wine, seafood platter (hot and cold) and were able to chill out all in the comfort of home. $80.00 (fruit, bread, wine, seafood and all cooked and prepared at home with love from Julies Yummy Kitchen).
Tuesday - Melbourne Cup Day and Cup at the Cove - WOW what  a great day - check out my blog if you haven't already  What a fantastic day it was.  Thank you Sanctuary Cove!  They always have good events on so click here to see whats on over the next month or so $220 for all 10 courses and all your wine, bubbles etc so GV (Good Value for a great days entertainment).  Oooh and don't forget I won a door prize as well (there was a cruise and other great prizes as well).

After a fantastic run of sun, sun and more sun, the weather came in a bit nasty by Wednesday- wet and windy and while we had anticipated going out on the boat for a few days - there is nothing worse than wet and windy for boating, so went and checked out the new range of boats by Stefan (see above) , had a nice Indian lunch at Randhawa's  at Hope Island on Thursday and had a nice Indian lunch (seems like forever since I had Indian and it really was nice, even though the service was a little lacking) $50.00 (2 mains, breads, rice and 2 wines so pretty good value) , checked out some 4WD's and even a few caravans over the rest of the week. Finishing in something I haven't done for at least 15 years and that was stopping at  Yatala Pies - OMG how good are these and I have to say their business model is one to be looked at - in the middle of no where these days it was full, full, full - I couldn't believe it - but have to say I never thought a Pie, Chips and Gravy would get the better of me but it did.  Need to taste good old fashion fast food, served with a smile (congratulations Yatala Pies  for having young people who serve with a smile and serve as if they care).  Even caught Dick Johnson having one while we were there.  Yatala Pies - YUMMY $23.00 - 2 pies with chips and gravy (Derek had peas as well) and 2 drinks GV.

Finishing off the week was picking up our tickets for our Cruise only 2 weeks away now, and how lovely of Harvey World Travel Hope Island - they gave me a fantastic bottle of bubbles with my tickets.  This time in 2 weeks we will be jetting over to Bangkok ready to enjoy 2 weeks of cruising around Asia and Darwin.  Thanks HWTHI!

Also started my trek into Volunteering in the NY - one of the things I really want to do is give back a bit to those in need - so many needs out there - but have started that journey by putting my name down on a few that I thought would be good as well as interesting.  

Besides slipping in a few afternoon naps, that's about a wrap from me for this week, not quite as exciting as other weeks - but you know sometimes its nice to be home, not much planned and able to just go where the wind takes you.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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