Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Licensed and Ready for New Adventures

After a crazy weather week here on the Gold Coast it was a bit hard to decide what to do this week on our weekly adventure.  As we are downsizing the house and moving into a new community still on the water we decided it was probably time that I personally got my boat license and that Derek gets his Personal Watercraft License for using Jet Ski's.

As luck would have it Halcyon Vision where we are moving to (I will blog on this more in coming weeks) decided to organise a day of licensing for all new residents so everyone could have the opportunity to use the boating equipment provided as a part of community and so that everyone gets full enjoyment from the facilities.   

This was a great way to met some of the residents and of course it was even better because it cost us nothing so that was an additional bonus.

It ended up being a perfect day after such heavy rains from the previous 3-4 days and while the waterways where a little muddy, the sun was out and shining in all its glory and a perfect day for getting boat and PWC licenses.

Phil from Allstate Boat Licensing was a fabulous teacher and kept the day interesting and relevant and ensured everyone passed (YAY for us).  Scott and Jan from Halcyon kept us supplied with great food and drinks so overall it was a full on day but very pleasant and now we are both able legally to drive a boat and perhaps we might get ourselves a jet ski as we have missed being able to just jump in a boat and go off to some lovely deserted beach for a day - but that won't be for a while. Jet ski's are obviously significantly cheaper to buy, run and maintain and given we will have access to tinnies and BBQ boats we feel this might suit us down to the ground for those glorious NINKERing days on the Gold Coast. 

Today we are off to the Caravan and Camping Show - which was washed out on Friday to start on another new adventure for a few months - again more on that in coming weeks.

Retirement should be fun, you should keep learning, you should keep doing new things and be looking for new adventures and we have a few planned for this year as long as all the stars and moons align.

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