Friday, March 14, 2014

Being a Tourist in your Own Back Yard: CatchaCrab

With working a little and being home bound to do endless cleaning to sell the house, we have been missing our holidays and trips away.  You can google all day long sometimes to try and find something to do, but often it really is just too confusing.

This week we thought, we live in the one of the most famous tourists centers in the world so lets go to one of the major resorts and get tourist brochures and become tourists right here.

So this will be a little series on our 1 day a week tourist gig on the Gold Coast.

This week we went to CatchaCrab and WOW how much fun was this!  We were like we were on holidays as we were the only Aussies on the boat (except for the crew of course), and we had a absolutely fun day with groups of Chinese and Vietnamese tourists - I think most of them though we worked on the boat - but this was a top day.

 The boat itself is lovely with plenty of room, tables and chairs setup, tea and coffee and a bar etc so a lovely setup.  The day starts off feeding the pelicans and of course some people just have to go that extra mile don't they Derek!  There was no shortage of pelicans or buckets of fish to feed them - this really kick started the day in a fun way and got everyone up and off their seats and got giggles, screams of joy and the cameras out in force.  The waters around the Tweed are just so crystal clear and the seagulls and other bird life around also came in for some action, but this gets everyone up and doing something that is just so simple and fun.

A nice chug along the Tweed River with coffee and biscuits and then on to our next fun activity for the day - Catching Yabbies - with Yabbie Pumps etc on hand we were shown how to do this properly as we got off the boat and into the water for some Yabbie Catching!  It took a while for the rest of the group to get off the boat and into the water but after Derek and I jumped in and started they soon all rolled up their pants and jumped in as well - this was so much fun with so many of us and everyone gets their own equipment.  After about 1/2 an hour of everyone splashing around, mud going everywhere, fish swimming around us we all headed back to the boat.



 Next stop:  Catching Crabs - again everyone gets their own pot to collect but we were first up and you would have thought Derek was a rock start as the whole boat clapped him as he walked his through to the kitchen where they were about to be cooked- everyone wanting a photo of him - but again, this is real hands on stuff and the enjoyment everyone was getting was fantastic.

Still want more - this day seemed to go on for ever and our next stop was a beer, wine and some good old fashion fishing using our live Yabbies of course.  Again fantastic fun even if you fish all the time, but with a bunch of tourists who were experiencing the Gold Coast for the first time and catching fish it made it just so much more enjoyable.  I seemed to get lumbered with baiting everyones hooks (as I said I think everyone thought we worked on the boat) but this was fun too helping others to have a great time and enjoying their enjoyment of something we all take for granted.  

The stops for each activity were not rushed either which I really liked and I do have to say how great all the crew where - so Dave (you made me laugh so hard today - thank you you did well keeping everyone under control), the lovely Kim what a smile and how well she helped everyone catch Yabbies etc and Jan (not a boy named Sue but a Captain named Jan) who also helped everyone out with a smile - what a crew you all are.

So after all this activity you get a bit hungry and the hot freshly cooked crab and seafood lunch was just superb and a great way to end an action packed morning.

We would highly recommend this to anyone, overseas tourists or locals, it is a great value fun day and great for any age (kids, retired teenagers like ourselves or oldies) everyone gets a go at everything, there is heaps to do and you are not rushed throughout the morning, then you can finish at the cafe with a wonderful lunch like this - YUM!

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