Thursday, November 2, 2017

Everything old is new again

Our new boat
We started our retirement journey taking out our cruiser for a week of total relaxation and to be out and about on the beautiful waterways of Moreton Bay, it was a perfect way to start our new life.   

Over time we found that the cost of running our beautiful boat was a bit prohibitive in long journeys so about 4 years ago we sold the boat as we went through our "what do we want to do next stage", this included selling our beautiful waterfront home as well and deciding to move to Vision where we had access to boats as a part of the community, it helped to put a lot of bucks back into the bank and we felt that was a great win win situation, we had access to boats, still lived on the water but we didn't have to maintain them, and often not even pay for petrol.  Then of course we joined VMR so here we where out and about on the water 2 days a week so we seemed to be out on the water enjoying our beautiful Broadwater both in a learning/volunteering capacity and in a leisurely environment several days a week.  

The first year was fine, all worked well for us, as there where few in the community who wanted to take the boats out, so we could wake up and go this is a lovely day and get a boat and go, that changed over time as we got more residents in and the boats where booked out more in advance - which is fine in concept but who really knows what the weather is going to be like a week in advance, so we stopped using them.  

Our old boat
So just about exactly 4 years to the day that we sold our big boat, we bought a new boat - yes much smaller and perfect for the 2 of us and Teddy.  Now we have Teddy back full time, we needed something we could do regularly that included him and at the same time give us something we love to do as well.  We had anticipated a bit more travel next year - off road holidays and a NZ driving trip, but now that D1 has moved into a unit, we have Teddy full time and to be honest just don't know what to do with him if we want to go away - the problem with pets.  This however made us stop and think about what would accommodate us all.  We do love the waterways, we love going out on beautiful days stopping on deserted beaches going for walks, having a swim and of course Derek loves his metal detecting.

We started at first looking at jetski's and then small fishing type tinnies (even though we don't fish), but then we saw a perfect little half cabin - the interior was a bit worse for wear, but the hull was perfect for us and it was the right price for us.  We had a full interior refit and now we have a lovely near new boat for day to day enjoyment.  It means while generally it will be a day boat, we can do overnighters (probably in the cooler months) if we want to.

Dereks finds this week - paid for the petrol
We are keeping it in a trailer storage facility at Horizon Shores Marina - their slogan is boating made easy, and it sure does.  Ring up in the morning within half an hour to an hour your boat is in the water on the marina ready for use, come back tie up and they wash and flush the motor and put it away ... so civilised.  They also have a great work area with power, water etc so we can do maintenance, big cleans etc.  Derek of course is now fully accredited to keep boats and engines maintained himself as a part of his Skipper licensing so that saves a lot of money.  He also enjoyed doing all his own splicing of the ropes - saved heaps of money to be honest but also gave him a good sense of achievement.

There is nothing like being out on the water to make you feel alive, those negative ions certainly do invigorate you, sun on the body, fresh sea air and beach walks - love it.  Must admit though we have been coming back a little sore and sorry for ourselves, using muscles that haven't been used in a while even Teddy comes back exhausted and sleeps for about 24 hours after his big beach runs, rolls in the sand, swimming etc, but this is what we wanted something to occupy us mentally and physically while we also got out and enjoyed life.

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