Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Food Fest

We seem to be eating our way around the Gold Coast lately, with all the major holidays now over, tourist season completed for yet another year and restaurant deals aplenty.  Yesterday was a perfect example of NINKERS waiting for a lovely day and ready to take on a bargain at Paradise Point, all the restaurants in the street were full of 50 plusers as the $17- $20 lunch deals where taken up - and to be honest you really can't go past them - 2 courses and a wine in a perfect location on the beach.  Great value, great location, good food!


We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and wanted to go somewhere a little more special so headed to one of my all time favorite places The Sheraton Marina Mirage at Main Beach.  They still have one of the best buffets around and right now they are doing their lunchtime winter specials at $45 a head.  Its hard to find any where in the world that has a view like this place and during the week there are not a lot of people around so the atmosphere for lunch is perfect.  Left there feeling a lot fatter than I arrived.  It was lovely to see them bring out our Happy Anniversary platter even though we hadn't arranged for it, when we arrived they just asked where we celebrating anything special and at the end of our gorging they arrived with yet another plate of yummies (I probably would not have had a plate full of delectable deserts if I had know this was coming).  So do you think we have changed much in 25 years!

Loving the High Tea we took D1 to Choccolato at Harbourside Markets for a 22nd Birthday lunch where once again we where filled with fabulous tastes and flavors.

Honestly if you think you will loose weight when you retire, I would think again!  

We had been planning to take our 3 month UK trip today but have been caught up in getting some major repairs done on our home which started to appear during the wet wet wet days in January.  I could easily begin ranting here on the inadequacies of BSA (Building Services Authority) and also of APIA the seniors insurer who to be honest both let us down - I have to laugh every time that APIA add comes on saying "call us for a chat", as communication is not a high point for this lot, but after nearly 4 months of trying to deal with both groups above, we just got on with the task of repairs so our house looks a bit like a war zone at the moment and of course having builders etc around for the last 3 weeks has meant we have not had as much time to get away as much as we would have liked and that we had to cancel our trip to the UK for now anyway, we really need to get everything fixed before we can embark on any major travels.  I can however feel a cruise somewhere in a warmer climate coming on as the days here begin to get too cold for me, but until these works are finished I can't really book anything.

It's Sanctuary Cove Boat Show weekend now so will be heading down there for a few days of great  fun - even if you are not into boating I have to say it is a great day out if you live in this area and always full of great food, shows and of course boats to drool over.

Hopefully by my next blog all the building will be completed and we have gone further afield than we have recently.

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